Kavik River Camp Alaska

Many places are more exciting than Kavik-however because of the inability for most people to actually get to the camp, these posts are popular.
How we got here was interesting. We started in Fairbanks, checked weather and then flew into Kavik River- Susan was there to meet us. I planned on camping, however, she strongly recommended that we sleep in the camper type raiload trailers, which the bears seem to not be able to get into. Fuel is very expensive here- Susan has these planes fly in to fill up the tanks in the summer months. I belive it was $200.00 per night for lodging-that is with food. Pretty inexpensive considering EVERYTHING has to be flown in. We did fly in a few pizzas for Susan and her grandson, so they could have some “real” food. You can rent 4 wheelers for hunting. Caribou were all over, however they were not in season when we were there.
We spent two days here-we had hoped to fly fish- the salmon were not there yet, as the late spring made the water very dirty and fast flowing. Bears love to sit in the scrub bushes by the banks, so you have to be armed at all times.
A few of us sat on top of the cars watching for the Artic wolves that circle the camp. They are big, black and huge. Squirrels do not even know who humans are. Foxes are like dogs, however when they disappear, there is a bear close by.
We enjoyed our time here, wished we had more fishing and more time. If flying in, you have to watch the weather closely, as there is nowhere to stop for a long time.
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